Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Seattle, Intertox is a U.S. company with a global reach. Our combination of rigorous process analysis and protocols, scientific expertise, and strategic counsel helps our clients create solutions for their public health and regulatory challenges. Our clients include governments, small and large private and publically held companies, the legal community, and non-profit organizations.


Our highly trained and experienced scientists provide expert project support customized to meet each client’s specific needs. We are often called upon to evaluate some of the most challenging agents in the world. Our project experience is reflected in our work with our wide array of local and international clients.


We are relentlessly committed to rigorous, data-driven, fact-driven scientific best practices. We translate scientific data into documents and visuals that are understood by stakeholders. We are current with the compliance guidelines of state, federal, and international regulatory bodies. We work with each client to (1) understand the specific challenges they face in assessing possible risk, (2) conduct research and analysis to address those challenges, and (3) present and discuss high-level implications of our research using innovative, visually-compelling means. We receive high marks for our customer service. Our combined expertise in risk assessment, strategic analysis, and communication helps our clients develop company-wide risk management and mitigation programs. This is the Intertox Gold Standard.