Risk is a constant companion. From manufacturing and transportation to prescription drugs and this evening’s dinner, risk is always nearby. At Intertox, we specialize in assessing risk and its impact on human health. Our mission is both simple and complex. We help protect public health by identifying chemical and biological agents that threaten it, and by advancing the products and technologies that enhance it.

Intertox is a science-based risk management firm that specializes in five practice areas:

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Seattle, Intertox is a US company with a global reach. We are unique in many ways, but it’s our trilogy of core services that truly sets us apart. At Intertox, we combine three key attributes -- strategic counsel, scientific expertise and crisis communications -- to create solutions for public health issues. Our clients have easy access to company principals, our customer service is exceptional, and, most importantly, our science is grounded in independent, rigorous analysis.