Scientific Information and Research

Businesses, law firms, consultants, and professional associations searching for information about scientific and public health issues look to Intertox to provide them with Scientific Information and Research Services. Our expert science researchers access medical and scientific databases, public and private libraries, and government archives to find and acquire the latest scientific research and information. This service saves the client both time and money.

Database Searches and Library and Archival Research

With access to more than 600 medical, technical, scientific, and legal databases, Intertox provides the latest published information and research. To unearth the information contained in the hundreds of thousands of books, journals, newspapers, files and other documents not available online, our expert science researchers use the resources of university libraries, state libraries, the Library of Congress, various international libraries, local, state and federal archives and Intertox’s own comprehensive collection of books, reports, regulations, periodicals and files.

Document Acquisition and Bibliographical Services

Finding all of this information is one thing; acquiring it is quite another. Our team has an established network of contacts to call upon that speed up the acquisition of our clients’ information. Additionally, our team has experience indexing, abstracting, and preparing bibliographies for reports, books, legal documents, articles, monographs, and more.

Regulatory Research

Our expert science researchers can quickly locate the local, regional, state, national and international laws and regulations applicable to your needs.